Higher Education

Brookhill is committed to improving teacher preparation in mathematics and to improving the college and career readiness of high school graduates, regardless of their intended fields of study.

At least twice a year Brookhill provides programming on issues in mathematics and mathematics education for mathematics departments, schools of education, and related disciplines.  Brookhill also works to create greater connections and relationships between K12 and higher education.

Wisconsin IHE Conferences Plans and History

April 25, 2016            The Surprising Importance of Early Mathematics and Geometry
                                                  Douglas Clements
                                                  Kevin McLeod
                                                  Michael Steele
December 4, 2015     The Statistical Education of Teachers (SET)
Christine Franklin and Denise Spangler
        March 27, 2015         Calculus Summit  
                         David Bressoud and Gail Burrill
December 9, 2014     Teacher Preparation in Wisconsin
Sybilla Beckman

Power point presentations from past speakers and events can be found on the Conferences and Interviews page .


"Mathematics serves as a handmaiden for the explanation of the quantitative situations in other subjects, sucha as economics, physics, navigation, finance, biology and even the arts."

- H.F. Fehr, Mathematician