Institute for Mathematics and Education, University of Arizona (IME)

Brookhill sponsored the development of the progression documents that were written to support educators in understanding why standards are sequenced the way they are, to point out cognitive difficulties and pedagogical solutions, and to give more detail on particularly challenging areas of the mathematics. The substance of these documents is a tremendous resource to the mathematics education community, K12 and teacher preparation programs.  The progresssion documents have been and continue to be used in the development and teaching of our professional development modules through the Wisconsin Statewide Mathematics Initiative (WSMI) program. The progressions, while an outcome of the CCSSM initiative, are mathematically useful for educators in all states, even those that are not using CCSSM.

This work was undertaken by many mathematicians and educators including:  Richard Askey (reviewer), Sybilla Beckmann (writer), Douglas Clements (writer), Phil Daro (co-chair), Skip Fennell (reviewer), Brad Findell (writer), Karen Fuson (writer), Roger Howe (writer), Cathy Kessel (editor), William McCallum (chair), Bernie Madison (writer), Dick Scheaffer (writer), Denise Spangler (reviewer), Hung-Hsi Wu (writer), and Jason Zimba (co-chair).

"Standards are descriptions of what you want students to learn. What you do with them is up to you. Testing is something you do if you want to know if they’ve learned what you wanted them to learn. It’s assessment."

– William McCallum, Mathematician