The Elementary Mathematics Specialists & Teacher Leaders Project

The Elementary Mathematics Specialists & Teacher Leaders (ems&tl) Project, sponsored by the Brookhill Institute of Mathematics under the direction of Francis (Skip) Fennell, Ph.D., addresses issues related to and in support of Elementary Mathematics Specialists (EMS).  The ems&tl Project engages mathematics specialists nationally, while work with a cadre of specialists and supervisors from Howard, Frederick, Carroll, and Baltimore Counties in Maryland continues to provide that up close and personal view of the everyday challenges in the work of elementary mathematics coaches/specialists.

The ems&tl website – – serves as a national clearinghouse and resource.  Information about existing state certifications, graduate programs, and EMS models are all available for use by state departments of education, districts, schools, or anyone seeking more information about certifications and/or programs for elementary math specialists, coaches, and teacher leaders.

"We need elementary school mathematics specialists, elementary classroom teachers who know and understand mathematics and can effectively mentor their colleagues. Given the need for students with a mathematics and science background and interest, this project is a first step in that direction, with multiple national implications."

- Dr. Francis (Skip) Fennell, Project Director, Elementary Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Leaders Project