Brookhill Institute of Mathematics

The Brookhill Institute of Mathematics, Inc. was founded November 20, 2013. Following an October review of The Brookhill Foundation’s seven year history and the development of its substantial and significant work, commitment, and connection in mathematics and education, The Foundation approved a business plan and provided start-up funding for the creation of a new and separate organization to be known as the Brookhill Institute of Mathematics.

This new organization is devoted to the transfer, continuation, and expansion of the Foundation’s prior work in mathematics including professional development, teacher preparation, and elementary mathematics specialist programs and certification. The new Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation, designed to create and sustain new and existing mathematics programs and to support external opportunities to fulfill the Institute’s charitable purposes through work and initiatives that will move mathematics education forward across Wisconsin and beyond.

Our work in the field of mathematics is anchored on the belief that mathematics is the foundational discipline for all STEM fields. At the same time we recognize the societal need to improve the mathematics preparation of all students for life and work. Firmly grounded in the belief that elementary mathematics instruction is paramount to building a solid foundation for future mathematics learning and critical thinking skills, we will continue our advocacy and work in programs and licensing for mathematics specialists.

Until we reach a high level of confidence that every student has the opportunity to learn mathematics to their fullest potential, it will never be known what this country’s capacity might be. To achieve this level of mathematics success the Institute works with K12 teachers and schools, institutions of higher education, develops mathematical leadership, and fosters collaboration among organizations and institutions.

"We've taught you that the earth is round, That red and white make pink, And something else that matters more -- We've taught you how to think."

– Dr. Seuss